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From December 1ST, 2015 to February 27th, 2016


“I try to communicate the joy of discovery and wonder to the viewer in every one of my works”. – Carlos Cruz-Diez 


Espace Expression presents Cruz-Diez Bidimensional Research. 1959-2015, an exhibition of works that have been carefully selected to represent the two-dimensional work created by the maestro of Kinetic Art. This is an exceptional opportunity to see the graphic work produced by this artist who has revolutionized the understanding of color in art. The exhibition will be open to the public from 12.01.2015 to 02.01.2016.


Cruz-Diez’s profoundly reflective and systematic work makes this an important exhibition: “Printing is an important tool that has allowed me to research, experiment, and develop the concepts with which I have structured my color thesis.”


In his series Couleurs Additives [Additive Colors], begun in 1959, Cruz-Diez isolated the optical mix of two or more colors in order to generate a new range of colors that change according to the intensity of the light and the distance of the viewer.


His research in 1963 led to what Cruz-Diez called Induction Chromatique [Chromatic Induction]. In these works, different ranges of colors appear and disappear, depending on the direction and intensity of the light source and the angle from which the viewer is watching. These colors exist in a virtual state, but are just as real as pigments. The artist says: “My works show color being launched from the traditional static plane into space, as dynamic and changing as color itself appears in reality.”


Among the materials presented at this exhibition there are some artist’s proofs. These rare, valuable specimens are unique and unrepeatable, and have been signed by the artist to validate the print run.


Carlos Cruz-Diez (1923) is a major innovator in the field of Kinetic and Optical art. His work, which has given art a new way to understand color, confirms his stature as one of the most important color theoreticians of the twentieth century.


The exhibition Cruz-Diez Bidimensional Research. 1959-2015 provides a comprehensive view of the work created by this artist who has revolutionized the understanding of color in art.


Located in Wynwood, in the heart of the Miami Art District, Espace Expression is an art center that works closely with galleries, collectors, and artists to present exhibitions of modern and contemporary art in an environment that brings together noted maestros and the work of young artists. 



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