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Knopp Ferro

From November 29th, 2016 to February 25th, 2017


The sculptor Knopp Ferro’s work embodies lightness, movement, and transparency. This is reflected in his mobiles composed of thin iron rods. In recent years, Ferro’s multiple exhibitions in Brazil have inspired him to use primary colors and new materials while engaging new techniques.


Knopp Ferro, Austrian, but born near Cologne, is a sculptor and performer. He studied metal sculpture and performance art in Cologne. In 2005, Ferro moved to Southern Germany, living in Munich and working in Inning, which is one of the beautiful lakes of the Alpine Upland. He has completed commissions for large-scale works in Switzerland, the USA, and Latin America. Also, he has been exhibited in Sao Paulo, Paris, Madrid, London, Cologne and Caracas, Venezuela.


Espace Expression is pleased to present LEVITATING COLOUR by artist Knopp Ferro for his first solo exhibition in Miami from November 28th, 2016 –February 25th, 2017. The artist will show his latest works and emblematic pieces from past shows.


…Ferro´s work shares the “almost nothingness” of Satie´s works: light but intense at the same time. There is an unforgettable poetry of lightness and silence, yet the noise of the rods is like micro-music, that emanates from Ferro´s “floating world”. From his hanging constructions, these suspended sensitive geometries perpetually change and perpetually movement – slow, like the ships of yesterday. They have the appearance of perpetual expansion, somehow encompassing the entire space…  Juan Manuel Bonet










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