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"The medium as a support, its chromatic and tactile qualities, surprise me, its brightness, color, the minimum of its appearance, I identify with its precariousness and its inevitable relationship with the constant balance of the procedures that make up my work, among which appears and what is not, between the minimum and its overflow on large surfaces, the adjusted imprecision, of materials, edges, shadows, corners, the lateral, overlaps that intersect, with tones of sustained and unfinished brushstrokes, to say something, to look for that last pulse to the reality of what is not there”.


Rosa Brun.

She studies Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid and obtains a Doctorate at the University of Granada, currently Professor of Painting. Her work addresses the pictorial problem within new avenues for abstraction that develops in the Spanish scene of the nineties. Since the end of the eighties, her painting has dismantled the limits of the medium, from the purely two-dimensional to the spatial installation and the relationship with architecture. The use of supports in materials such as aluminum or wood, iron, glass, paper among others that give certain expressive qualities to the paintings, simple geometric shapes in flat fields of color, in strong, acidic and contrasted tones, with a slight expressive and gestural invoice, defines her works that are arranged on the wall, one on top of the other - forming layers, juxtapositions or overlaps- or as free-standing objects that interact with each other in the architectural space, taking into account the viewer's perception to create in it opposing sensations of balance-chaos, heat-cold, weight-lightness, empty-full, verticality-horizontality. This painting-sculpture-installation updates and develops problems that derive from minimal art or North American color field painting reminiscent of Ad Reinhardt, Donald Judd or Barnett Newman, among others, which connects her work with European post-minimalist movements.


Espace Expression is pleased to show 16 pieces from Spanish artist Rosa Brun, we have followed Brun’s path and her representation of forms and color that allows us to see the evolution of the impeccable artworks she has been created during her career. This is a selection of the shapes and progression of her pieces, in which the spectator will enjoy this long ride in this selection.

Espace Expression. 






International Exhibitions:

“New York Public Library”, 2006, “The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum Florida International University”, Miami, Art Basel, 2011, “Museum of Contemporary Art, MACBA”, Buenos Aires, 2011-2012,  “Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de  Moscú, MMOMA”, 2011, "The Armory Show", New York, 2010-2011,  "Art Chicago”, 2014, “Zona Maco”, México DF, 2016  “Feria de Arte Estambul” 2014, “ARCO Madrid”, desde 1990-2020, “Pinta Live Miami”, 2020, Miami.


Latest Solo show at “Fundación La Caixa” Gerona, 2021-2022, “Galería Fernández-Braso”, Madrid 2016 y 2020, “CEART”, Fuenlabrada, Madrid, 2017


Group Show ‘Solo existe si hay alguien que lo observa’. Proyecto Re-Visiones / NUEVAS MIRADAS A LA COLECCIÓN DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO DEL AYUNTAMIENTO DE PAMPLONA. Comisarios: Luisa Fernanda Lindo (Perú) y Sergio Jair Méndez (México). Sala de Armas de la Ciudadela de Pamplona, 2020,  “Seis creadoras en la Colección. Elena Asins, Rosa Brun, Ángela de la Cruz, Cristina Iglesias, Elena del Rivero y Soledad Sevilla. 2018.. Museo Patio Herreriano - Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Español. Valladolid, and more


Her Works are included in private as well as public collections such as  “Museo Reína Sofía” de Madrid, “Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Helga de Alvear”, Cáceres, “Museo Patio Herreriano”, Valladolid, “Museo Arte Contemporáneo, Macba”, Buenos Aires, “Fundación La Caixa”, Barcelona, “CAC”  de Málaga, “Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo”, Sevilla, “Museo Arte Contemporáneo Artium”, Vitoria, Colección “Banco de España” and more