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The Franco-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez lived and worked in Paris since 1960. He is a major protagonist in the field of Kinetic and Optical art, a movement that encourages “an awareness of the instability of reality.” His body of work has established him as one of the key 20th century thinkers in the realm of color.

Carlos Cruz-Diez’s visual art explores the perception of color as an autonomous reality evolving in space and time, unaided by form or support, in a perpetual present.

His artworks are housed in permanent collections of prestigious institutions such as:

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York 

Tate Modern, London 

Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris 

Centre Pompidou, Paris 

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 

Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Cologne

In my works, color appears and disappears during the course of a dialogue with real space and time. What also emerges is the undeniable fact that the information we have acquired and the knowledge we have memorized throughout our lifetime are, probably, not true… at least to some extent.

When we view color through an “elementary prism” that has been stripped of pre-existing meanings, it can awaken other sensory perception mechanisms that are more subtle and complex than those that have been ingrained in us by our cultural conditioning and the constant, ubiquitous barrage of information we face in our contemporary society.

Carlos Cruz-Diez

Reflexión sobre el color [Reflection on Color], Fundación Juan March, 2009

[ed. or. 1989]







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Art Selection

Caracas, 1923 - Paris, 2019

Carlos Cruz-Diez


Gallery Exhibitions

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Carlos Cruz-Diez

Cruz-Diez Bidimensional Research 1959-2015

From December 1st, 2015 to February 27th, 2016. Miami , Fl.


Carlos Cruz-Diez


From July 7th, through Fall 2017. Miami, Fl.

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